Day of Solidarity

Day of Solidarity



“I’m not the Only One:” Sixties Scoop Survivors Unite for Day of Solidarity (Ottawa/Algonquin Territory – March 12, 2018)


On Friday March 16th, First Nations, Métis andInuit Sixties Scoop Survivors will be hosting rallies in nine major cities across Canada as part of the National Sixties Scoop National Day of Solidarity. Responding to a call by theNational Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network, these rallies will hold space for Sixties Scoop survivors to speak out, and advocate for a fair and just settlement for Métisand non-Status Sixties Scoop survivors.

The rallies will host a diversity of Sixties Scoop survivor voices about the crimes committed against them by Canada. Network Coordinator Colleen Cardinal states: “Survivors voicesneed to be heard and validated, we hope to create space for survivors to come out and voice their concerns in a public forum and in solidarity with other survivors across Canada.”

Network Director Vicky Boldo states: “These rallies will be yet another way for the Network to stand in supportive solidarity with survivors in these times that can be so very confusing.My heart goes out to everyone for the rollercoaster that has been going on for far too long. I wish peace and healing to all affected, as no amount of money can truly provide this.”

To date, Canada has not announced a settlement process that includes Métis and non-status survivors, although the federal government has recently come to the table with the Métis National Council. On March 16th, Sixties Scoop Survivor communities will stand in solidarity to ensure all Survivor voices are heard, to share information, and to support Métis and non status survivors in their struggle for equitable justice.

Brent Mitchell, a Métis survivor, states: “I was taken from Pine Falls to New Zealand, where I had 14 nightmare years of abuse with foster parents. I want a face to face apology from Canada and proper compensation for my suffering and loss of my human rights.”

Network Director Nadine Ts’iiwo Helen Wasakahaw Delorme states: “Through the 60’s Scoop, my sense of self: identity, bonds, languages, culture and landscapes were eradicated intentionally through policy. Bill C-31 promised “no more enfranchisement” of Indians, especially women and children. Where are my inherent rights? I am a Denedeh Sovereign. They tried to erase me, my legacy and my history. They will not succeed this time! Hiy hit!” 

The Network is demanding that Canada reform the colonial child welfare system and fund repatriation of 60s Scoop Survivors taken out of country. Network Director Duane Morrisseau-Beck concludes: “A lot of our people are still not home. The Healing Foundation is an important start, but we will continue to advocate for Canada to fund repatriation of overseas survivors and support Indigenous children in the system now.”


For more information, please contact:

Duane Morrisseau-Beck, Director and Co-Founder NISCWN Cell: (613) 252-2226

Elaine Kicknosway, Director and Co-Founder, NISCWN Cell: (613) 864-9016

Colleen Cardinal, Coordinator and Co-Founder, NISCWN Cell: (613) 407-7057

Vicky Boldo, Director, NISCW Cell: (514) 210-6663


Rally Locations Across Canada


March 16th, 2018: 11:30am-1:30pm on Parliament Hill


March 16, 2018: 12pm at Quartier Des Spectacles (Metro: Place des Arts)

Tealey Ka’senni:saks Normandin (514) 949 8325

Al Harrington


March 16, 2018: Manitoba Legislative Building

Constance Calderwood (204) 290-8742

Mark Walter Head (204) 620-8572


March 16, 2018, 12pm at Centennial/Spirit Square

Bill Stewart (778) 676 4326


March 16, 2018. 12pm. Court of Queens Bench (520 Spadina Crescent East)

Mel Parkyn (306) 850-2559

Robert Doucette (306) 370-2465


March 16, 2018 12pm: Edmonton Legislature Grounds

Judith Gale


March 16, 2018. 12pm. Allen Gardens.


March 16, 2018. 12pm. Oppenheimer Park 400 Powell Street (@ Jackson Street)

Frank Delorme (604) 762-1290


March 16, 2018. 12pm at the Totem Pole (Main and Front st.)


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