Bi-Giwen: Coming Home – Truth Telling from the Sixties Scoop

On Thursday, September 28th at 4pm, survivors were invited to a private opening ceremony and feast for the exhibition "Bi-Giwen Honouring our Journeys – Truth-telling from the Sixties Scoop" in partnership with Legacy of Hope Foundation.

Many survivors bravely shared their stories for this magnificent exhibition.



This event was located at Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa, 550 Cumberland St, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5.

Transportation was provided from the Waupoos Farm gathering site leaving at 3pm.

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Exhibition Schedule

From 4-6pm this exhibition opening ceremony is for survivors only. From 6-8pm, public is welcome. Please find the schedule and speaker details below. Please feel free to download and print this .pdf document.

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