Day of Solidarity 2018

Day of Solidarity 2018

National Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network, NISCW, day of solidarityMEDIA ADVISORY:

March 16th Sixties Scoop National Day of Solidarity:

“No Consultation, No Agreement.”

Press Conference:

Friday, February 2nd – 10:00am: Charles Lynch Room. Parliament Hill, Centre Block.

(January 29- Ottawa/Algonquin Territory) On March 16th, 2018, Sixties Scoop Survivors from
across the country will be holding rallies as part of the first National Sixties Scoop Day of
Solidarity. Survivors and survivor organizations are demanding that Canada consult them
before going forward with a settlement agreement that will have broad implications for the
rights of Sixties Scoop survivors.

Network Director Duane Morrisseau-Beck states: “The federal government has a duty to
consult with all Sixties Scoop survivors, not only the plaintiffs in Brown v. Canada. We need
to be at the table. The National Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network have
requested a meeting with Minister Bennett. We are still awaiting her response.”

The current agreement-in-principle systematically excludes Métis and non-status survivors. It
is unclear how this proposed agreement-in-principle will address the psychological,
emotional, spiritual and physical suffering and violence for which Canada has been found
legally liable, apart from one-time payments of $25 000 or less to eligible First Nations and
Inuit survivors.

Network Coordinator Colleen Cardinal states: “This settlement does not include the most
marginalized Sixties Scoop survivors: incarcerated people, people living out of the country,
non-status Indians, and people who don’t know if they have status. On March 16, we will
stand with Sixties Scoop Survivors across the country in their struggle for a just and inclusive
settlement for the crimes perpetrated by Canada against us, our communities and nations.”


For more information, please contact:

Duane Morrisseau-Beck, Director and Co-Founder NISCW Cell: (613) 252-2226

Elaine Kicknosway, Director and Co-Founder, NISCW Cell: (613) 864-9016

Colleen Cardinal, Coordinator and Co-Founder, NISCW Cell: (613) 407 7057

Vicky Boldo, Director, NISCW Cell: (514) 210-6663

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