2017 Gathering

We believe that gatherings are key to recovery and survival.

In gatherings we can connect and share our stories, we (re)learn traditional ways and most importantly - we gain an awareness that we are not alone.

We are in our 3rd year of offering gatherings and retreats for survivors of the Indigenous adoption and foster care systems. We offer access to spiritual, physical and mental health tools such as the presence of Elders, sweat lodges, health workshops, sharing circles, art workshops and more.



There are many workshops available to registered survivors that are attending our 2017 gathering. We are pleased to offer support for spiritual, mental and physical heath and encourage you to register for workshops that would suit you. Drum and rattle making, healing through music, 2SLGBTQ teachings, grief and healing and many more.

Please click here for 2017 gathering workshops and workshop facilitators.

2017 Volunteer Recruitment

We rely on volunteers to keep our gatherings running smoothly. Would you like to volunteer for our 2017 gathering?

If you have experience, education, intuition or talent in any of the following services, please fill out the form below.

We will contact you with volunteer opportunities within our 2017 gathering at Waupoos Farm.

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GROUP2015, National Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network


Although the event is open to all Indigenous (Métis, First Nations, Inuit) persons and their immediate family who experienced or been impacted by adoption or foster care because of the 60s scoop, it is important to ensure that equitable Indigenous, geographical and gender-based representation are considered to ensure a full-spectrum of participants can attend. REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED AND OUR GATHERING IS FULL.

Key Locations for the 2017 NISCW Network Gathering


Home base for this year's gathering will be at Waupoos Farm just outside of Ottawa. Additionally, our survivors are invited to Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa for the 60's Scoop Survivor's Exhibition where we will have an exclusive opportunity to attend a private viewing, opening ceremony and feast. Please see the map links below for our key locations.

Waupoos Farm

2050 Rideau Rd.
Ottawa, ON
K1X 1B1

Map It!

Tabaret Hall | University of Ottawa

Bi-Giwen Honouring our Journeys – Truth-telling from the Sixties Scoop in partnership with Legacy of Hope Foundation

550 Cumberland St, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5

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Hilton Garden Inn Aiport

2400 Alert Rd, Gloucester (Ottawa), ON K1V 1S1

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Tabaret Hall | University of Ottawa

On Thursday, September 28th at 4pm, survivors are invited to a private opening ceremony and feast for the exhibition "Bi-Giwen Honouring our Journeys – Truth-telling from the Sixties Scoop" in partnership with Legacy of Hope Foundation. This event will be located at Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa, 550 Cumberland St, Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5.

Transportation will be provided from the Waupoos Farm gathering site leaving at 3pm.


Program for the 3rd National Bi-giwen Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Gathering

Below is a detailed program of our 2017 gathering. Please feel free to download and print this .pdf file.

Program Details

[gview file="http://niscw.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/2017-BIGIWEN-Gathering-Program-updated.pdf"]

Participant Code of Conduct & Safe Space Agreement

For privacy and security, no one will be admitted to the Waupoos Site without being pre-registered as a volunteer or attendee. You will be asked to leave if you drop by without contacting Colleen Cardinal at 613-407-7057 or emailing info@niscw.org.

We are asking people to be proactive in creating a safer space. We want to actively create this space as one that is inviting, engaging and supportive, where all people feel comfortable behaving genuinely.

In a safer space, we recognise and respect that everyone comes with different experiences. That people come from a variety of sexualities, genders and abilities. We approach people openly, without making assumptions. If we are confused about how someone identifies, we ask, and if we are ignorant, we do our research. We respect that not everyone will want to reveal everything about themselves.

In a safer space, we are gentle and generous with ourselves and each other.

In a safer space everyone has the right to feel confident to ask for what they need, to take care of themselves, to say no, to ask for space. We are sensitive to other's personal space, boundaries and privacy.

We agree to treat each other with the utmost respect, care and support by observing the suggested guidelines below while participating in the 3rd National Bi-Giwen Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Gathering.


[gview file="http://niscw.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Participant-Code-of-Conduct-2017-docx.pdf"]



Things You Need To Bring

  • An item for giveaway-items that are of personal value and significance OR a small item such as bath items, pictures frames…etc
  • Loose tobacco for sweat lodges, prayers and any special requests
  • Hand drum and/or rattles, bundles, medicines ( if you have these)
  • Medications (responsible to keep it safe from children)
  • Warm clothing for cool evenings
  • Towel, wash cloth
  • Extra pillow or blanket (bed linen will be provided)
  • Soap & personal hygiene items
  • Loose fitting clothing shorts, tank or skirt (not mandatory) for sweat lodge
  • Camera (please make sure you ask permission to take photos of people)
  • ***Tent, tarps, sleeping mats if you are not sleeping in the cottages****

Things Not to Bring

  • Food items unless you are diabetic/hypoglycemic
  • Matches or candles
  • Suggesting if you bring money or valuables items such as expensive cell phones, tablets,laptops,jewellery etc. that you are responsible for them at all times.
  • Alcohol or drugs not permitted


We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

NISCW Network Messenger Bag, swag, messenger bag