NISCW Network Launches Toll Free Sixties Scoop Support Line

NISCW Network Launches Toll Free Sixties Scoop Support Line

NISCW Network Launches Toll Free Sixties Scoop Support Line

(November 27, 2017 – Ottawa/Algonquin Territory)

Today, the National Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network is launching a National Sixties Scoop hotline, where survivors will be able to access direct support and information. Following last month’s announcement by Canada of a proposed settlement for Indigenous survivors of the Sixties Scoop, Sixties Scoop survivors have been left largely without healing supports and services.


Network Co-Founder Colleen Cardinal states

“The Network has been conducting a needs assessment among Sixties Scoop survivors. We are finding that following the recent announcement of the settlement, survivors are left without support and follow-up, shocked and scrambling to find information on how to access post adoption records, Status, and emotional support.”


This peer support line will link Survivors to services across Canada to support their emotional, cultural, spiritual and mental health needs, and support survivors in accessing adoption records and government documentation. It will assist survivors in reconnecting to their families and communities, and provide information on accessing status cards, First Nations and Inuit Treaty rights and benefits, Metis Nation memberships, and Indigenous programs and services.


Network Director Vicky Boldo elaborates

“There are tens of thousands of Indigenous people impacted by the child welfare system who are hurting right now and are triggered, who don’t fall into the categories laid out in the proposed settlement. This brings to the forefront the impacts of the Indian Act and how it has always divided and conquered our communities.” 


Network co-director Elaine Kicknosway states:

“This line will break down the isolation felt by many Survivors of the Sixties Scoop by providing leadership and safe spaces to each other as survivors.”


For more information, please contact:  

Colleen Cardinal, Coordinator and Co-Founder, NISCW                    Cell:  (613) 407-7057 

Duane Morrisseau-Beck, Director and Co-Founder NISCW               Cell: (613) 252-2226  

Elaine Kicknosway, Director and Co-Founder, NISCW                      Cell: (613) 864-9016






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