No Consultation No Agreement

For Immediate Release:

“No Consultation, No Agreement.”

logo, sixties scoop network, national Indigenous survivors of child welfare network, sixties scoop, niscw, no consultation no agreement(February 2nd- Ottawa/Algonquin Territory) No consultation, no agreement. Today, the National Indigenous Survivors of Child Welfare Network is hosting a press conference to announce the first Sixties Scoop National Day of Solidarity. The Day of Solidarity comes in response to Canada’s failure to consult Sixties Scoop survivors and organizations on the recently released proposed Sixties Scoop Settlement Agreement.

The day of Sixties Scoop National Day of Solidarity – to be held on March 16, 2018 – is part of a mobilization strategy by the Network to demand a just and inclusive reparations package from Canada. The National Network will be hosting an information session in Ottawa on February 19 to assist Sixties Scoop survivors in making informed decisions about the settlement and their rights.

Network Director Duane Morrisseau-Beck states: “We need to go back to the table. Canada has a duty to consult us – a legal obligation to speak with all of the Sixties Scoop community. We have been on the record saying we are ready to be at the table, yet we have not been part of those conversations nor have Survivor groups across the country.”

The proposed Sixties Scoop Settlement Agreement purports to settle Canada’s legal liability for the psychological, emotional, spiritual abuse endured by First Nations and Inuit Sixties Scoop survivors and systematically excludes survivors from the Métis Nation, non-status Indians and survivors who are unable to prove their Indian status. The agreement also requires claimants to waive their rights to pursue future litigation against the Government for their outstanding claims in physical and sexual abuse, claims that have never been tested in a court of law.

Network Director Elaine Kicknosway states: “We need to include all of us -First Nations, the Métis, the Inuit, status and non-status. Canada is leaving out a huge number of Sixties Scoop adoption, foster care and juvenile home Survivors. We only have an estimated number of how many of us were apprehended, and they have never documented how many of us died in care.”

Network Director Vicky Boldo expands “As a Quebec resident I have a lot of concerns dissemination of information regarding the Sixties Scoop. Documents translated into the two “official” languages are not readily available. The Network as a national representative for survivors has limited resources and we are unable to accommodate regular translation.” The funding offered could drop as low as $10,000 per claimant depending on the number of claimants, while Canada is paying $75 million to the four law firms involved in negotiations.

Network Coordinator Colleen Cardinal states: “Since the Network opened the Toll Free number at the end of November almost all of our calls have been due to the lack of information the Federal Government and lawyers have left the thousands of survivors in the dark and re traumatized without proper support. In response we are mobilizing across Turtle Island to say nothing about us without us – no consultation, no agreement.”

The Network is launching an opposition campaign to the Proposed Settlement Agreement. Survivors looking to get involved can visit for more information. They will have access to a Frequently Asked Questions page, a link to a petition, and access to a downloadable ‘Expression of Opposition’ Form. The NISCWN’s goal is to collect a minimum of 2,000 Forms before May 1st, 2018, the same threshold required with respect to Opt Out Forms in order to defeat the Agreement. No Consultation, NO agreement!

The Network will be attending the hearings in Toronto and Saskatoon to file an objection to the agreement on behalf of Sixties Scoop survivors who were not consulted by Canada. The Network is seeking to stop the proposed settlement from going forward until proper consultation takes place.

To organize, join or volunteer at the Sixties Scoop National Day of Solidarity near you on March 16, 2018, click this link to visit our Facebook event page.

No Consultation, NO agreement!

For more information, please contact:

Duane Morrisseau-Beck, Director and Co-Founder NISCW Cell: (613) 252-2226

Elaine Kicknosway, Director and Co-Founder, NISCW Cell: (613) 864-9016

Colleen Cardinal, Coordinator and Co-Founder, NISCW Cell: (613) 407 7057

Vicky Boldo, Director, NISCW Cell: (514) 210-6663


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